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Hebrew teacher

Learning modern Hebrew in a unique, interesting and fun way

Learn modern Hebrew from the office, from home or from anywhere in the world. An experienced teacher teaches online lessons in a unique, interesting way. Through reading, listening and practicing sections, the student internalizes the wonders of the language and in a short time even speaks it.

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Who am I?

When you love something, it intensifies!

Shalom everyone,
My name is Sharon and I live in Austin, Texas USA
I am an Israeli, a professional teacher and most of all I like to teach the Hebrew language. There is something magical and ancient about it and it is constantly renewed. When a person knows its roots, he knows how to speak it. Let me share her sublime secrets, melody and beauty that are expressed in reading a good book or studying the Torah. The rewards are immense and the knowledge is endless. Join my classes and learn to read, speak and write. I would love to meet you and build you a personal program that will suit your learning pace: relaxed or increased. Free first lesson that includes advice and an effective teaching method.

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About myself

Hebrew is my passion

Teaching Hebrew is in my blood.
I learned to be an educator to small children when I lived in Israel and it soon became clear to me that adults are also small children at heart. Adults and children can be taught complex languages ​​that seem difficult to learn through fun and understandable methods. The student remembers the structure of the sentence and basic verbs that serve as a foundation for the Hebrew language. He or she soon gains confidence and begins to use the language, think it and express emotions through it. They actually fall in love with it and I am here to create that spark!

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